Why Partner with an Association Management Company (AMC)?

When associations across an AMC's client base share resources, they enjoy the best of both worlds – a wide range of expertise and rapid scalability as the environment dictates – characteristics not often present for non-AMC managed associations. Threatened by economic uncertainty, many associations in the United States are being forced to re-evaluate their financial stability, efficiency, and future outlooks. Faced with financial pressures and staffing challenges, associations are increasingly hiring professional Association Management Companies (AMCs), businesses that provide professional management to non-profit organizations. The AMC Institute noted that half the AMCs surveyed witnessed an increase in Requests for Proposals (RFPs) in the six months prior to its industry research. Review our services here and explore the options in depth with the navigation links to the right and up top.


Associations have to consider overhead when they deliver services, and sometimes overhead can be a serious problem. We have staff of 10 people in client services, creative, media and finance to deliver full service solutions. You are not burdened with the full rent, utilities, taxes, licensing fees, insurance for employees, travel, accounting services, and fines associated with this very qualified team.

What about meeting facilities? Briget makes conference rooms, workstations and kitchen available for her associates. If your organization stores publications or logo merchandise, Briget has adequate storage space. You not only have staff to perform day-to-day services, but also to handle the crunch times--dues billing, annual conference, legislative alerts, and publications.Here you find sufficient depth so that if a key staff member is ill or otherwise unavailable, the business of your organization goes on!

Typical fees for full operational support staff and Executive Director will be in the range of 40% to 50% of your association's operational budget. Consider what you currently outlay for all of your staff hours, rent, and overhead, and you can see why studies have shown cost savings to be significant!


Compared to other organizations, is yours large or small? Rapidly growing or in need of a turnaround? What are its priorities in terms of programs--trade shows or e-trade, government affairs or publications, membership development or financial services, or some combination? Briget helps conduct orientation programs for new directors so they will understand how the association operates, its strategic plan, and the nature of the contract or operating policies that define Briget's relationship with the association. Each new slate of elected leaders needs a clear understanding of the parliamentary rules of procedure, and of governance policies that guide the organization. relationship between the management firm and the association.


TEDHUB & TEDWEB: Technology Enhanced Dynamic Hub & Websites: The potential of a website is to be a builder of enthusiastic connections! Implementing Website 2.0 / E-News / Marketing Systems that speak to today's volunteers, with social media & brand clarity to support your committees and your association's vision. Website development services offered: - web page and keyword copy development - website design - development of an integrated online and offline strategic sales and marketing plans - website management - and more


Briget is adept at annual meeting and convention planning, with more than 20 years of experience. Beyond negotiating hotel rates, rooms, food & beverage, there is a marketing component that is all so important. We believe that design bridges the gap between "member" and "remember." Briget employs a commercial approach with the objective of both maximizing revenue and minimizing costs, while meeting other community, cultural or economic objectives of the client association. Briget provides consulting services that offer sound advice based on a blend of both commercial reality and creative solutions. At Briget, we recognize that it is the creative and unique "extras" that your members will remember..

Case Studies......

See the events, services, and results that Briget achieves! Briget's team is on a mission to empower, encourage and inspire participation through mutual identification, mentoring, education, networking and advocacy. From newsletters to new members, the impact is measurable. These case studies highlight results, and give you some great ideas to inspire your own efforts. Briget is here if you want to learn more!



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Sustainability Briget promotes recycling and the use of sustainable resources wherever feasible within each industry. This practice extends to meetings and conventions, so you can be assured that your association is acting to reduce its carbon footprint.

TEDHUB Meetings require tools that allow attendees the easiest methods for registration. Our TEDHUB gives your members both information and online registration portal services that assure best prices and simple procedures. Read more: About TEDHUB

Team full responsibility for a project rests within the collaborative team efforts of Briget and your leaders. Learn more about the exceptional Briget team: Team


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  • 6) Educational Products for Volunteers

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  • 8) Sustainability Works!