Operational Support. We have a staff of 15 people in account service, creative, media and finance to deliver full service solutions. Visit the About link above to read more about our team leaders. Briget can have a significant impact in many areas you may not realize. How much does it cost to replace employees who leave? How much does it cost the organization for your staff to work in their designated office space? How much can the organization save if office rent needs were reduced? The most significant cost savings relating to Briget can be found in overhead savings.

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The ongoing expenses of operating an association or non-profit organization can be challenging, particularly during difficult economic times. However, many organizations are finding out that implementing a formal arrangement with an association management company can significantly reduce overall costs, including real estate costs and utilities. By allocating only a portion of overhead to the amount of office space needed by desk sharing, organizations can experience significant savings. Additional expenses like parking can also be eliminated. Take a look at the case studies referenced at the Resource tab above, showing companies who have taken advantage of Briget opportunities and reported tremendous savings.

Utilizing the high-quality team at Briget can positively impact the costs associated with high staff turnover (attrition) rates, and particularly when considering the average cost per hire which could range from $2,000 - $6,000 depending on the industry. Administrative Overhead (for management and administrative staff, clerical, payroll taxes and benefits) as well as General Expenses (such as office supplies, mail and telephone, utilities and rent) are all included in Operational Support.

When researchers assessed AMCs versus other management forms, they found that AMCs, in most instances, provided the greatest value to their client associations. In fact, AMCs were rated as equal to or superior to other management forms on more than 89 percent of the survey criteria. (Surveys were sent to the elected leaders of 1,962 associations; 440 leaders completed and returned the surveys. The study, Re-Assessing Effective Association Management: 1995 Survey of Elected Leaders, was conducted by Sumaria I. Mohan-Neill, Ph.D., and Alan G. Krabbenhoft, Ph.D., both of the Walter E. Heller College of Business Administration, Roosevelt University, Chicago.)

BRIGET Operations integratE Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the responsibility of an organization for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society, the environment and its own prosperity, known as the “triple bottom line” of people, planet, and profit. Not only do responsible, sustainable and transparent approaches help build brand and reputation, they help strengthen the community and therefore the marketplace. A solid business plan, embedded into the business culture, reflecting organizational values and objectives through strategic CSR application, will help to build a sustainable and profitable future for all.


Briget realizes that CSR is important to remain sustainable. Strong communities support strong organizations; the reverse is also true. As a global organization, we will look for global strategies that have local relevance.

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