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Briget is all business. (And a little fun.)

Briget is brilliant. She knows how to make your non-profit organization brilliant as well. Your association performs better when Briget is working for you.

If your teams and committees are not motivated, if you want to build membership, if your marketing materials are dated, or if your Board meetings need modern structure, let Briget provide exactly what you need for your organization to reach its full potential.






About Briget

Associations need to bring information, commmunication, and sometimes reformation to their volunteer groups. Briget takes care of the ship, so you can focus on the horizon.

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Affordable Briget

You really care about quality, and have a duty to manage your association's resources carefully. So you look for outsourced services to enhance your organization. We have the most popular a la carte options for seamless support.

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Hybrid Briget

It used to be that associations had only two choices: Hire an Executive Director, or hire an Association Management Company. Briget offers the best of both worlds: Association Management Support and/for your own Executive Director.

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Who is Briget?

Led by Teresa M. Young, with 25 years of association management leadership, and a team of highly talented professionals, the integrity of her guidance has won accolades from all associations served.

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Collaborative Guidance

T o address the tough questions, your experienced partners at Briget work with your executive leadership team: How well are current educational products meeting members' diverse needs? Has professional and public awareness grown as a result of strategic efforts? Is the annual meeting as successful as possible? Once progress has been evaluated, Briget's team works with you and the executive director to evaluate tactics and determine which strategies may need to be revised.


Briget is a builder of enthusiastic connections! Implementing Website 2.0 / E-News / Marketing Systems that speak to today's volunteers, with social media & brand clarity to support your committees and your association's vision.

Briget knows how to win members & positively enhance the benefit experience! Beautiful print collateral and newsletters complement effective membership campaigns. Writers, artists, and printers are standing by - with shared purchasing power!

Sustainability: It's time to walk the talk. Did you know that incorporating sustainability initiatives in your association's mission improves both your image and your bottom line?

And, from gavel to gala, you can count on professional meeting & event management that assures productive events, select venues, and of course governance assistance to bring quality and transparency to your Board's work!


| State of the Art website services, using W3C compliant scripting - with modular community, social, calendar and news feeds. An integrated blog, legislative resource center, e-commerce and much more are available in this stunning, comprehensive package.

| Website maintenance, updates, and oversight. Briget won't let your content fall behind!

| Friendly phone response, email and fax support and mailing services save you overhead.

| Custom e-broadcast publishing services leverage our skills to promote your organization's mission. Our custom services integrate content specially created to highlight your message with news coverage tailored to engage the readers you want to reach.

| Database management, so that your members are easily accessible, on-line, and your critical email campaigns hit their targets.

| Oversee and assist all committees and ad hoc committees, distributing meeting agendas, minutes, and financial reports; establishing and issuing reminders on action item lists; establishing a calendar of deadlines corresponding to Board meetings and bylaws.

| Assist in establishing and quantifying organizational goals and objectives, and achieving them in conformity with the Strategic Plan.

We are adept at convention planning, with more than 20 years of experience. Beyond negotiating hotel rates, rooms, food & beverage, there is a marketing component that is all so important. We build special website features to highlight your event, allow for on-line reservations, flexible updates, and compelling messages to drive up attendance. We integrate this with a custom email and direct mail marketing campaign that achieves proven results. See our Services page to learn more and to see an event website from our showcase. "Brigit has orchestrated our annual event for years. My three-day retreats feature wonderful accommodations, very smooth registration processes, and great assistance with my marketing efforts." -- Patricia Evans, Author, Founder EICI

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