Knowledge-Based Governance is Briget's forte! This process is used to provide business-rational decision-making. Good governance allows leaders to provide overall coordination, encouragement and motivation. It defines expectations & identifies clear high-level objectives for each activity area. Each of the governance systems allows organizations to develop timeframes for delivery of objectives and monitor achievement. Briget empowers your association to establish links to other affiliates and organizations working toward the same objectives.

The Vision. Clearly communicating the vision will provide organization decision-makers with insight and strategies to improve their committee structure, performance to meet the expectations of your Strategic Plan, and to ensure balanced outcomes that can be deliverable. Briget's team serves as a central point of contact for committees, task force members, and board, keeping your vision front and center.

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Legal Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards .

Consider having your board members fill out and sign personal commitment forms, thus encouraging them to individualize their participation. Board members tend to be more engaged when they have had a say in their own activities rather than having them dictated by someone else. Excerpt from Legal Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards, Second Edition, by Bruce R. Hopkins, LLM. BoardSource, 2009.