Bringing More to the Table: That’s what Briget event management is all about.

Awesome, inspiring, delightful! Give your association a reason to cheer! From gavel to gala, you can count on professional meeting & event management that assures productive events, select venues, and of course governance assistance to bring quality and transparency to your Board's work!

We are adept at annual meeting and convention planning, with more than 20 years of experience. Beyond negotiating hotel rates, rooms, food & beverage, there is a marketing component that is all so important. We believe that design bridges the gap between "member" and "remember." We build special website features to highlight your event, allow for on-line reservations, flexible updates, and compelling messages to drive up attendance. Quality management is an important tool as we seek constant small improvements in every aspect of our performance. Our managers have been chosen for their ability to monitor accounts, to control cost, to expedite, and to assume full responsibility for a project. Our policy is to establish and maintain an effective and efficient quality system, planned and developed to ensure a timely and cost effective service to meet our clients' needs. Whether 100 or 3000 guests, we have the skill to bring more to the table for you.

One of our specialities is creating a winning sustainability theme to enhance your message of commitment to progress and service to society. Briget employs a commercial approach with the objective of both maximizing revenue and minimizing costs, while meeting other community, cultural or economic objectives of the client association. Briget provides consulting services that offer sound advice based on a blend of both commercial reality and creative solutions. At Briget, we recognize that it is the creative and unique "extras" that your members will remember.


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    "Teresa is a great presenter! This was one of the best events I have ever attended. I joined the organization that night." Ryan Meyer, WSGroup about the California Sign Association dinner events.

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    "Our unique community event is the featured annual festival of the city of San Clemente, because Paul Strauch from Briget's team built a phenomenon that brings great fundraising revenue opportunities to our organization. With our club members, he surpassed expectations. The town has "adopted" our event as their own." --Danny O'Dowd, Treasurer, Hawaiian Surf Club of San Onofre.

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    "Brigit has orchestrated our annual event for years. My three-day retreats feature wonderful accommodations, very smooth registration processes, and great assistance with my marketing efforts." -- Patricia Evans, Author, Founder EICI

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    Briget's team is our team. We have enjoyed more than 20 years of unique and creative education events, combined with our annual convention gala, all due to the work of these dedicated individuals. Briget does make every year special!" Paul Williams, Strategic Coach




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Sustainability Briget promotes recycling and the use of sustainable resources wherever feasible within each industry. This practice extends to meetings and conventions, so you can be assured that your association is acting to reduce its carbon footprint.

TEDHUB Meetings require tools that allow attendees the easiest methods for registration. Our TEDHUB gives your members both information and online registration portal services that assure best prices and simple procedures. Read more: About TEDHUB

Team full responsibility for a project rests within the collaborative team efforts of Briget and your leaders. Learn more about the exceptional Briget team: Team


Briget has undertaken over 50 consulting projects for both non-profits and commercial clients including:

■Feasibility studies for all types of venues in locations throughout the US.

■Preparation of design briefs from an operational point of view.

■Technical services and concept design and theme advice.

■Management and operational reviews